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Below is a comprehensive list of the trainings we currently offer. We recommend newcomers start with The Art of Transformational Coaching, as this provides the foundation for our other offerings. This training is also a prerequisite for our more advanced coaching workshops.

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Facilitated Book Studies

Provide your group with expert facilitation as you engage in a study of one of Elena’s books: The Art of Coaching Teams, Onward, Coaching for Equity, The PD Book, and Arise: The Art of Transformational Coaching

Each session, your group will be guided by an expert Bright Morning facilitator through discussion, reflection, and practice activities to support internalization of the content and application to your context.

Over the course of the study, your group will deepen connections with each other and grow in your understanding of, and ability to implement core ideas of Elena’s work.

Book Study meetings are 60-minutes in duration, with a minimum of six sessions. 

What Our Community is Saying

"This is one of the best workshops I have ever attended! The presenters were amazing and the content was relevant. There is so much I could say about this workshop! I feel educated, empowered, and rejuvenated through the open and honest conversations I had in the sessions!"

What Our Community is Saying

"You always create an environment where I feel I can process my thoughts and feelings. Things are engaging and teach me new ideas, and I especially enjoyed doing it with people I knew. I think it made it more meaningful."

What Our Community is Saying

"I loved the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussion, build community with others, and take away concrete strategies and tools that I can implement in my school environment."

What Our Community is Saying

"I just completed the learning experience and kudos to the instructors, set-up, format, and the energy provided to make it the best online training ever! Many thanks to the facilitators for bringing their A-Game to us each time we met. They were skilled in their crafts, personable, professional, patient, and passionate about helping us to embrace the concept of Transformational Coaching. I must say that I am more knowledgeable and confident about moving on as a literacy coach. Thank you for what has been an amazing journey so far."


Benefits of Private Training

Private trainings allows your group to receive our signature transformational learning experiences on your schedule. A private training is right for you if:

  • the time and dates for a training and limited and do not correspond with our public events 
  • your organization works outside of the education field so customized content and practice scenarios would enhance your learning 
  • you are looking to integrate our training into a broader learning experience or gathering 

Private Trainings

Want to bring Bright Morning to you?

Bright Morning provides private learning experiences to a limited number of organizations each year.