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In The Bright Morning Podcast, Elena teaches you how to make every conversation count by demonstrating Transformational Coaching conversations. Every episode tackles a pressing coaching challenge. Resistance. Racism. Burnout. Overwhelm. Struggling new teachers. You’ll find it all here.

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What Our Community is Saying

"This podcast helps me feel connected to a group of other people who are doing the work, both internally and externally, that I am doing. It is not easy work. When I listen regularly, I have more to give to myself, my students, and my colleagues."

What Our Community is Saying

"I’m so glad I got to binge on this podcast this long weekend before starting the new school year. It’s a niche that I have not found, and I find these episodes so enriching and rejuvenating. I feel more in community with other educators who are grappling with tough questions re: equity, leadership, etc. Thank you for your work, Elena!"

What Our Community is Saying

"Elena Aguilar is a force in conversations about school leadership, teams, and equity. To read her books and attend her workshops is some of the best professional development you can ask for. Only one episode in, I can already tell these podcasts will stay with me for weeks, months, years, as I think about how we can build a more equitable world through schools. The hard work involves countless daily interactions and conversations, and Elena helps model and ask questions about how to do that best."

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