New In-Person Fall Workshops with Elena

The essential learning experience for anyone who aspires to be a Transformational Coach. Based on Elena’s forthcoming book, Arise: The Art of Transformational Coaching, this new two-day experience takes you from knowledge-building to effective implementation in a supportive community.

Elena Aguilar

Take Your Learning Beyond the Book

Elena is presenting a new workshop, The Art of Transformational Coaching, in seven U.S. cities this fall in conjunction with the release of Arise! This is the first opportunity to learn with Elena in person in four years, and we anticipate events will sell out quickly.

This is a workshop for anyone looking to implement Transformational Coaching strategies.

There are three registration tiers:

  • Workshop + 3 months of Learning Library and PLC access (August-October)
  • Workshop + one year of Learning Library and PLC access
  • Workshop + membership (including the Learning Library and PLC access)

We’re offering an early bird special: register 2+ months in advance and save $200.

Bright Morning members are invited to an intimate lunch experience with Elena.

Elena’s In-Person Workshops &
Learning Library

All the Details You Need to Know

You will learn a tremendous amount from reading Arise. But if you want to thrive as a Transformational Coach, you need to practice and refine your skills.

After many years of writing and teaching about coaching, we’ve observed that the most powerful learning happens in community. This is partly because humans are social creatures, and we need each other to make sense of the world and to be encouraged and motivated. An in-person or live-virtual PD can be transformative and catalytic. (And for the first time in four years, we’re offering in-person workshops with Elena!)

We’ve also learned that people need short, asynchronous learning experiences so that they can pace themselves, rewind when necessary, and honor their unique learning needs.

We are thrilled to share that starting in August 2024, a full suite of offerings will be available to provide comprehensive support. This includes on-demand skill sessions that you can access on your schedule and a monthly Transformational Coaching PLC.

Who Should Attend

This in-person workshop is for you if…

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…you want to utilize Transformational Coaching strategies in your coaching or leadership practice (or in relationships of any kind).

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…you are excited to be in person with Elena and the Bright Morning community and have time and space away from your hectic day-to-day.

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…you are craving community.

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…you are looking for a “just right” amount of guidance and skill-building to start the school year with confidence.

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…you are still reading this page.

How This Workshop Will Benefit YOU

If you’re new to Transformational Coaching and don’t know if this is the right place to start:

The very best introduction to Transformational Coaching is to read Arise and attend The Art of Transformational Coaching workshop. With this duo, you will be poised to work from a strong foundation.

If you plan to learn everything you need to know by reading Arise:

We’re glad you’re going to read Arise! You’ll learn so much and it will be the perfect springboard to your learning. That said, Transformational Coaching requires a lot of practice, feedback, and ongoing learning. The Art of Transformational Coaching workshop is the perfect place to kickstart your development. If you don’t have a community and structure for ongoing learning and development, we suggest you consider the Tier 2 or Tier 3 registration options to secure the support you need and deserve year-round.

If you’ve attended a virtual The Art of Coaching workshop and are wondering how this is going to be different:

We are excited to invite folks who fall into this category to our in-person workshop. If you’ve attended a virtual The Art of Coaching workshop, you’ve built a solid foundation in Transformational Coaching. This new workshop is going to catapult your learning, and it’s going to be so much fun! A few highlights:

  • You’ll learn new content and receive resources from Arise.
  • You’ll be in a room filled with aspiring Transformational Coaches with whom you can connect and learn from in a different way than you did online.
  • You’ll have a space held for you outside of the hustle of your daily experience–a place where you can learn and have your learning needs attended to, a place where you can experience transformational in-person learning. There are unimaginable possibilities when we are physically in the same space together.

If you’ve attended an in-person The Art of Coaching workshop or conference (4+ years ago) and are curious if you should also come to this workshop:

If you’ve learned with us in person before, you know how impactful this learning experience will be. The content in this workshop is from Arise, so you’re guaranteed to learn new content, and you’ll also build your community. It’s magical. We can’t wait to welcome you back!

An Option to Meet Your Unique Needs

Now you know this workshop is for you! It’s time to decide which of the three registration tiers is best for you:

Tier 1: Workshop + three-month subscription to the Bright Morning Learning Library & Transformational Coaching PLC (August-October)

Build your foundations and be in community with other aspiring Transformational Coaches during this dynamic two-day workshop. You'll also experience the power of bite-size learning and a supportive community with complimentary access to our fall Learning Library skill sessions and PLC gatherings.

Tier 2: Workshop + one-year subscription to the Bright Morning Learning Library and Transformational Coaching PLC

Continue building upon your workshop experience with our new monthly on-demand mini-courses (~30-45 minutes each) and a monthly practice session with our Transformational Coaching PLC. This new Learning Library and Transformational Coaching PLC sequences the key concepts you’ll find in Arise in bite-sized learning experiences. It also provides you with built-in accountability and community to ensure you have the intentional practice and feedback space required to turn knowledge into skillful action.

Tier 3: Workshop + Bright Morning membership

The option for those ready to go all-in on becoming a Transformational Coach. A membership provides you with learning experiences that will take you deeper into the concepts introduced in Arise. The All-Inclusive Membership also includes access to our Teams, Resilience, and Adult Learning collections.

  • All-inclusive Membership: Lock in one year of access to every Bright Morning virtual learning experience. Our most heavily discounted offer includes The Art of Transformational Coaching, The Art of Coaching Emotions, Coaching for Equity, The Art of Coaching Teams, Artful Design and Facilitation, the Onward Book Club, the Learning Library, and the Transformational Coaching PLC.
  • Transformational Coach Membership: Access our core coaching collection, including The Art of Transformational Coaching, The Art of Coaching Emotions, Coaching for Equity, the Learning Library, and the Transformational Coaching PLC.

As a special 2024 BONUS perk, we're offering our Bright Morning members a complimentary seat in an upcoming in-person The Art of Transformational Coaching workshop. This includes an invitation to join Elena for an intimate conversation over lunch. Members can sign up for one workshop happening during the duration of their membership. Sign up today for your membership! Complimentary spots are based on availability.

Early Bird Special

Forget worms, early-bird registrants get the best deal: $200 off your registration fee! This special offer applies to all registrations received two months before the workshop date. This discount applies to both Tier 1 and Tier 2 workshop purchases.

A Special Members-Only Experience

Bright Morning All-Inclusive and Transformational Coach members who attend an in-person 2-day workshop will be invited to an intimate conversation with Elena over lunch during the workshop. This offer applies to new and current members. Not a member? Purchase your tier 3 workshop + membership today!

Purchase Membership

The 2024 Arise Workshop Tour

For the first time in four years, Elena is hitting the road with a new workshop to celebrate the release of her eighth book, Arise: The Art of Transformational Coaching. This is a limited tour, and we expect seats to fill quickly, so don’t delay!

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