What's New in 2024 at Bright Morning?

After a wild couple of years filled with a lot of learning and changes, we’re thrilled to have a much shorter “What’s New” list to share this year. We’re even more excited about what made the 2024 shortlist!

Keep reading if you’re interested in learning more about…

  • Which workshops are changing in 2024
  • Elena's newest book debuting this year
  • A (limited, but super exciting) return to in-person events
  • A sneak peek into something that is in the works for fall 2024

The Art of Coaching Workshop is Even Better!

The Art of Coaching workshop is the foundational learning experience for all aspiring Transformational Coaches. For the remainder of the school year (January-June 2024), participants of The Art of Coaching workshop will receive unlimited access to our monthly Transformational Coaching Accelerators (TCAs). These 2-hour power sessions will give you big doses of learning in small amounts of time. More practice, more flexibility, more community, and more transformational tools!

These offerings will retire in June 2024 with the release of Elena's forthcoming book, Arise: The Art of Transformational Coaching.

The Art of Coaching Emotions and Coaching for Equity Workshops Are Now More Accessible

The Art of Coaching Emotions workshop will continue to be a 2-day learning experience. However, we’re decreasing the registration fee to make this more accessible for more learners. We know your ability to coach emotions is the key to Transformational Coaching, and hope this allows more of you to join us in 2024!

Our Coaching for Equity workshop is also changing to increase accessibility. While we loved the 2-part workshop we facilitated in 2023, we realized that it was too much to carve five full learning days out of our members’ busy schedules. In 2024, we’ll be offering a 3-day Coaching for Equity workshop that brings together the best of the previous 5-day experience.

We’ll also offer a 1-day A Taste of Coaching for Equity workshop. Shorter workshops also mean decreased registration fees!

Memberships and More

A notable non-change: We’re not increasing the price of our memberships.

And we’re decreasing the price of our Transformational Coaching Accelerator bundle. These comprehensive learning experiences continue to demonstrate the power of ongoing learning and development and we want to do whatever we can to make that a reality for more members of our community.

If you’re ready to move past one-and-done professional development and commit to a cohesive learning series that leads to mastery, Bright Morning memberships are what you need.

In 2024, we will also continue to offer discounted rates for large groups (15+ individuals) who purchase memberships. Email clientservices@brightmorningteam.com for details!

There are three options to choose from through the rest of the 2023-2024 school year:

A Glow Up for The Art of Coaching

The Art of Coaching has been the go-to source for education coaches around the world. Not only does that mean it’s time to celebrate, but it also means it’s time for a new edition!

Arise: The Art of Transformational Coaching is the most comprehensive guide to Transformational Coaching that has ever existed. The book is set to be released in summer 2024, and we can hardly wait! Find out more, and claim your pre-order bonuses here!

Returning to IRL Gatherings

We love virtual learning! More people can learn with us, we’re able to offer more learning experiences, and we’re able to do it all without negatively impacting the learning experience. So it is safe to say our virtual learning experiences aren’t going anywhere. However, we also love being in the same physical space as our community! So we’re happy to share that we have a small set of in-person events in the works for fall 2024.

Elena will be traveling to nine cities around the U.S. this fall to present an all-new Transformational Coaching workshop in conjunction with the release of Arise: The Art of Transformational Coaching. Learn more here!

More details will be shared in Elena’s Weekly Wisdom Newsletter.

Coming Fall 2024...

We know that schedules are tight and capacity is low. We also know that your desire to learn and excel in your role is high. We’re working on creating a new type of learning experience that will beautifully address both of these realities. Our new Bright Morning Learning Library and monthly Transformational Coaching PLC will debut this fall, and if you’re craving just-in-time micro-learning experiences and a supportive community, you’re going to want in.

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Our Continued Gratitude For You

One thing that isn’t new but that is stronger than ever is our immense gratitude for our Bright Morning community. Your support over the past three years is what allowed our small business to not only survive the pandemic but to expand our impact. Thank you for choosing to learn with us.

Thank you for sharing about our work and offerings with your community. Thank you for joining in the conversations with us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

A million heartfelt thanks from our small and mighty team to all of you! 💙